Theori Media was founded January 1, 2005, with the intent of educating and uplifting through theatre from a Hiphop perspective. Seeing the negative images and activities that are being promoted in Hiphop, Wendell Tucker and Jeremy Noah set out on a mission to dispel the harmful belief that Hiphop is a negative entity. Through positive messages, engaging stories and honest dialogue, Theori Media is intent on changing the world, one stage at a time. We are the first Hiphop Community Theatre in Chicago. The company consists of actors, dancers from every discipline, visual artists, musicians and technicians. This homogenous mix is bound by one idea: If you want the world to change, you must be the change you want in the world. This is our Theori.

Through theatre we are able to take on any aspect of society, and demonstrate what it would take to change it. From a very literal standpoint, we are seeking to set an example of how to triumph over life’s struggles and maintain ones’ integrity while doing so.

For years we have been performing at Chicago State University for mass audiences. Now we are looking to branch out. Our flagship show, “I Still Love H.E.R. (a tribute to Hip-hop),” has been running for the past four years. While off Broadway, our productions are inarguably of the same acclaimed caliber. Not only does this play feature some of the most accomplished, legendary artists’ music, it directly tackles social issues in Hip-hop in a compassionate and rational way. This is especially relevant now, as the art form is being questioned and criticized.
In 2009 we will debut two new original productions, “Slow Jams: Of love and loss,” and “Tainted Canvas.” Through these productions we will confront dealing with the loss of loved ones and postpartum depression, respectively. Our goal will be to provide solace to anyone suffering through these problems and understanding to those around them. In the near future we will debut even more original works dealing with violence, AIDS, molestation, financial responsibility and numerous other social issues.

We are dedicated to doing what we can to heal our world. This includes helping people expunge their personal demons through performance. Our performers are not just paid actors and artists. They are real people who have lived through these issues, and have taken control of their lives through theatre. They provided the will and we provide the training. We aim to continue this openness into the future, where our performers of today will help cultivate the storytellers of tomorrow. We will change the world by being the change we want in the world, and inspiring others to do so, one stage at a time.

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