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Get ready to be in Hip-Hop Heaven! After 5 years of captivating Chicago Audiences, “I Still Love H.E.R. (atributetohiphop)” is taking its message directly to the people. Rising from a grassroots community theater project sustained only by word of mouth, to a major fixture on the Chicago theater scene in a little under 2 years, Theori Stages is looking to take on the bright lights of Broadway. Regarded by the Chicago Redeye as “M.C. Masterpiece Theater”, “I Still Love H.E.R. (atributetohiphop)” has been one of the must-see shows of Chicago. Written and Directed by Chicagoan and former CHA Resident Wendell J. Tucker, “I Still Love H.E.R.” has taken the grittiness of Hip-Hop and combined it with the grace and spectacle of Broadway-style Theater to create a unique experience that has audiences from around the globe bobbing their heads.

About “I Still Love H.E.R. (atributetohiphop)”

“I Still Love H.E.R.” centers on the venerable Love 1 (Wendell Tucker), a revered Chicago on-air personality, who has grown so disgusted with the messages and images in Hip-Hop that he has decided to retire and dedicate his final broadcast to Hip-Hop (Lynesha Monet) as a memorial to mourn his “dead” culture. In the midst of his farewell show, Hip-Hop, personified, arrives to tell her story “the way it really is.” Through the dialogue that follows, Love 1, DJ Revelations (Jeremy Noah), his co-host Deanna (Rae Taylor), and his listeners are told the story of Hip-Hop through her own words. Social issues such as feminism, parenting, racism, capitalist media domination and violence in the Hip-Hop community are examined throughout the show, with original mixes of relevant Hip-Hop classics as the backdrop. With the appearance of this mysterious woman, the question is not whether Hip-Hop is dead or alive, the question is can the “soundtrack of his life” bring Love 1’s passion for Hip-Hop back to life?

“‘I Still Love H.E.R.’ is an important step towards the healing of an ailing generation,” said Tucker, who also directed the show. “It is about Hip-Hop, but it’s written more for the generation that grew up with Hip-Hop than for the kids who inherited it. To save our children, we have to understand them. These children are murdering each other for no reason. We have to explore the methods we created that led to their madness. There is no reason why anyone shouldn’t see this show. There is a message for everyone: the parents, the children, the elders and the church. Yes the show is entertaining and at times borders on being an all-out party, but there is a serious message being told. Our children and their culture are worth saving.”

Through honest dialogue, critical cultural analysis and classic Hip-Hop songs spanning from Cab Calloway to Common, the culture of Hip-Hop is examined and remedies for change are disclosed. Clean remixes, spectacular dance sequences and heated discussion blend seamlessly to create a unique, authentic and immersive hip-hop experience that is suitable for any age. Audience participation is highly encouraged during the show as the lively cast, which features area young people, encourages everyone to live the music they love. This is a must-see event for all interested in Hip-Hop and the development of today’s youth.



Manifest 2010 Performance from Wendell Tucker on Vimeo.

Theori Stages Excerpt from "I Still Love H.E.R. (atributetohiphop)" at Columbia College Chicago's Manifest 2010 event.

I Still Love H.E.R. Beef Mix 2010 from Wendell Tucker on Vimeo.

Performance Footage from the hit stage play from Theori Stages!!!


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Thursday - Saturday at 7:00pm
Sundays at 6PM


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