For 10 years, Theori Stages has been independently produced with the help of several amazing Chicago based businesses. These businesses are examples of business leaders who exemplify social responsibility and love for the arts. Please support those who support us by becoming a customer of these great businesses!

Joakim Noah of The Chicago Bulls is possibly one of our greatest supporters. As one of our lead sponsors Joakim exudes the ferocity and tenacity of Hip-Hop on and off the court! Please send your love and support to him as He and the Chicago Bulls get ready to bring the Championship back to Chicago! 
Urban Punk Subculture Inc. provides the shirts you will see Deanna wearing in "I Still Love H.E.R. (atributetohiphop)." Their avante garde style and afrocentric upbringing gives their creations a look and feel unlike any other. All of their clothes are limited run (no reprints) so get it while you can! Be original, Be Punk. God Rocks! 
Dave Jeff's Phli brand is a staple in Hip-Hop. Several outfits you will see in I Still Love H.E.R. are Phli creations. The new Phli Store in Chicago (1613 E. 55th St.) is your new headquarters for exclusive sneakers, Phliest clothes and high level grooming. Yeah it's amazing and its all that. 

Past and Current Individual Supporters

  We Love These People!!!

Marissa Tucker

Brittany Washington

Breana Brown

Dana Russell
Natalie Robinson LaShawn Williams
Cindy Womack Chastity Dunlap
Ashley Stevenson Chauncey Balsolm


You Can Do It Too!! 

Building a partnership with Theori Media is an easy way to get your message to the eyes and ears of potential customers who will positively associate your business or cause with an unforgettable night of entertainment. For more information on how you can become a Theori Media sponsor or corporate partner, please contact Jennifer Day of Daylight Media.

Paypal has helped us set up a secure online donation box, where you don't even have to walk away from your computer to contribute. You can use your debit card or credit card SAFELY and do something that is definitely worthwhile and will last for ever.

Just click the donation button below, it's that easy to create a blessing that will uplift the lives of countless people. Thank you so much and remember that blessings come to those who bless others. We appreciate you more than words can express!!


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